1) Message boards : ALICE Application : Der Ring 2-Stapel wird bereits verwendet. (Message 3759)
Posted 20 Jul 2016 by Profile DoctorNow
Same here, after some minutes the wus stop.
Here is a log with it.

Edit: Strange thing is, on my other host the wus are running fine at the moment, and I see no clue what should be wrong with the host they're error out.
2) Message boards : Theory Application : The Theory Application (Message 2671)
Posted 12 Apr 2016 by Profile DoctorNow
Don't know if this is related to what you guys are talking about but I just encountered several tasks which errored out on my machine, logs all point to "(unknown error) - exit code 194 (0xc2)", example-wu - also mostly done after around 7 minutes.
Unfortunately it produced too much error wus and now the daily quota went down to 2, hmpf. :-\

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