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This is a BOINC server for LHC@home development. Please note that some of the applications on LHC@home requre Virtual Box to be installed. Please visit the LHC@home information site for more information. If you have any problems or questions please visit the Message Boards, Questions and Answers and FAQ.

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Server upgrade
The LHC@home dev server has been upgraded to server release 1.2.1. (in practice it was running this code already, but now the project has undergone the usual server upgrade process.)
14 Apr 2020, 6:48:17 UTC · Discuss

CMS@Home disruption this week
It appears that a database intervention at CERN went badly, leaving our data tables empty and us not being able to submit new CMS@Home jobs. Advice is that it will take several days to recover -- and as well as that some of the major players are in the USA, which has holidays for the rest of this week. I'll keep an eye on it, but I'm doubtful we'll be running again this week. Sorry 'bout that!
Happy Thanksgiving...
27 Nov 2019, 8:22:38 UTC · Discuss

CMS job shortage Wednesday 13th November
CMS IT will be installing a new version of WMAgent on Wednesday. This will impact job availability for the duration of the intervention. We might be able to eliminate the little gremlin that's been plaguing us for the last few weeks, too.
So, please set your CMS processors to No New Tasks sometime tomorrow, Tuesday 12th, so that current tasks will stop requesting new jobs before the queues get cut. I'll let you know when jobs are available again.
11 Nov 2019, 15:50:55 UTC · Discuss

Updated server code
We have updated the lhcathome-dev server code to the latest BOINC server release, 1.1.

Please let us know if you should spot any new bug or unexpected behaviour.
6 Sep 2019, 7:03:26 UTC · Discuss

CMS@Home: Disruption to our condor server next Monday
17 Jul 2019, 13:16:37 UTC · Discuss

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