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Message 50 - Posted: 9 Mar 2015, 13:00:39 UTC
Last modified: 9 Mar 2015, 13:02:09 UTC

I've been running 41.01 on a couple of MacBooks - so far 50/54 tasks successful.

Three bombed out as error while computing. Two of those were code 5. The other was due to "finish file present too long"

The final failed task was quite odd. It ran overnight for 8 hours very slowly incrementing the % completion and then went into a VM state, "waiting to acquire lock". I've never seen this on any CERN VM and ATLAS has sent me plenty of hanging VM tasks. Often the cure is to suspend, exit BOINC and resume after restarting BOINC - this did not work at all. I suspended every other task and still no lock acquired. So I aborted. Due to the restart(s) the task shows about 22 minutes elapsed instead of the 8+ hours that task was running.

Given the extreme flakiness of the ATLAS VM, 4 fails out of 54 is darned good but zero is, I'm sure, your goal.


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Message 84 - Posted: 17 Mar 2015, 9:01:54 UTC - in response to Message 50.  

Hi Steven,
thank you for your feedback. 50 of 54 sounds quite good :)
Of course you are right, we want to get up to 54 of 54. For the first three I don't really know what that could have been...

About the fourth: Was it this task?

If so it could be a similar problem to which Zombie67[MM] just reported as well.

Thank you,
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