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Message 4824 - Posted: 31 Mar 2017, 23:45:45 UTC
Last modified: 31 Mar 2017, 23:48:13 UTC

For the computers to make that contact with the server and get the credentials and the HTCondor ping

I get these all day if my DSL isn't running fast enough or for some reason the LHC server is too lazy to shake hands with my computers just because I am on the opposite side of the planet from Cern.

You get the 10mins 45 seconds before the crash aka computer error
I have watched hundreds of tasks starting on the remote VM console just to see if they will make it to that second page telling me it is going to run the tasks.

I tend to spend hours every day trying to make sure all 8 computers are running these tasks (and the ones at LHC)

Maybe if this was changed to no time to do this instead of the 10min 45 secs it would eventually start these without me watching 24/7

Yes I am sure if I lived in western Europe I would never have the problem since everyone is a stones throw from Geneva.

I can always tell if they get close to 10mins on the VM remote page and still just sitting there at *Starting libvirtd daemon OK* when it gets close to 10mins it is doomed (like right now twice here at 4:40pm PDT)

Instead I over and over have to do this after midnight just to get all my hosts running at least one days worth on the 8-core and quad cores.

Or maybe you can email me somebody to mow my lawn so I can sit in front of these computers all day.
Never gets beyond here

And it needs to get at least to here on page 2

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Message boards : Number crunching : Maybe change the time needed

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