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Posted 18 May 2015 by Profile MarkRBright
The Status is "Postponed: Please upgrade BOINC to the latest version."
Exit BOINC, restart BOINC and off it goes.
Of course what this means is that I need to be there to when a job finishes or the new one won't run, so it is in the projects interests to fix this if it is a problem and not just a one-off on my PC.
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Posted 16 May 2015 by Profile MarkRBright
I have been running CMS Simulation 46.15 (vbox64) for a few weeks now, and have found that every time it starts a new WU, the task status quickly moves to one of "Postponed" (I apologise because I don't have the exact text and will need to wait another 36 hours to get it) but it tells me it needs me to upgrade to the latest version of BOINC (which I am on - and vbox). It will not successfully start until I simply shut down BOINC and restart it, whereupon it works just fine.

I noticed this problem a few weeks back and despite being on the latest version of both BOINC and VBox I reinstalled both, and obviously I still get the problem. It's no biggie for me but it just struck me that the project might be losing valuable crunch time if this is a widespread problem so I thought it might be worth logging this. I will come back with the exact text of the WU Status late tomorrow once the current job finishes and the next one tries to start. I am running on Windows 8 64 bit.

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