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Posted 1 Sep 2019 by emoga
Although the Stderr claims it's a '1 core' task...It's actually a 32 core task (or the max core count of whatever computer I'm running with the 'Unlimited setting' set in the preferences)
and was changed via app_config to 1 core. I like to squeeze in some Theory Native tasks and since the 32 core (or 16 core) CMS task won't actually use all the cores all the time, this allows me to
juggle both sub-projects.

I actually think this may have fixed my problems as I was running too many single CMS work units at a time and perhaps my network was overloaded.(no local proxy yet)
Or maybe it was something on the server side that was changed? Sill getting '1 (0x00000001) Unknown error code' on my larger 72 core systems so everything isn't perfect yet.

Hope it works out for you Magic,
I would hate for you to stay up till 2 am just to get invalids.

2) Message boards : CMS Application : New version 49.00 (Message 6586)
Posted 31 Aug 2019 by emoga
I'm finally getting some valid tasks on CMS.
The past couple weeks it was 'EXIT_NO_SUB_TASKS' on everything. (I didn't change anything)

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