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Message 3839 - Posted: 28 Jul 2016, 13:03:56 UTC
Last modified: 28 Jul 2016, 13:11:30 UTC

David Anderson, Rom Walton and myself had a conference call yesterday where we discussed limiting tasks per user, why we want to do this, mutli-core VMs and the VT-x issues.

One of the reasons why we would like to limit tasks is that machines can be assigned more tasks that they can handle or is desired, which leads to problems. David pointed out that BOINC should respect the resource constraints and if not the issue needs to be looked into. Feedback on this would be welcome so I have created a new thread where you can paste any scenarios where BOINC is not respecting the constraints.

Implementing a task limit per user should be straight forward. I will provide an updated php file for the project preferences and David will update the scheduler code to take this into consideration.

Similarly for multi-core, we can set a flag in the project preference on whether or not you would like BOINC provide multi-core VMs. This is an area where we probably still need to experiment.

Finally, the VT-x issue was discussed as over 30% of our failed tasks are VMs that fail to boot due to this setting not being available or enabled. It was pointed out that tasks should not be provided if the machine is not capable of running them. This will also be investigated.
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