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Message 5246 - Posted: 13 Nov 2017, 13:55:18 UTC
Last modified: 13 Nov 2017, 15:53:18 UTC

We are planning to update our web presence for LHC@home and in this context we got a couple of proposals for a new LHC@home logo from our graphics team.

    Continue to use the current logo: in extended and compact form.

    Alternative new logo 1:

    Alternative new logo 2:

Please vote your preference among the logos on this Doodle poll page.

Please note that this is work in progress, and that these images may be adjusted. Also if you have other proposals of your own, please do not hesitate to comment and display/link alternatives here in the forum. :-)

Many thanks in advance for your help and feedback!

..The LHC@home team

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Message boards : News : New logo for LHC@home?

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